When you meet Pete the first thing you will notice is his love and passion for fishing and guiding. Alaska Fish Catcher Lodge was conceived from this passion and the desire to give even a fraction of that feeling and experience to others. Pete began guiding at 19 years of age. His journey began through the nurturing he received from his father-in-law, Tom, an avid fisherman, guide and incredible teacher and mentor. Tom taught Pete a love for fishing and the outdoors. Pete is very detail oriented, organized and believes that even the smallest details make all the difference. This focus is reflected throughout Alaska Fish Catcher Lodge providing guests an extremely clean and comfortable stay.     



As Pete's oldest son, it is no surprise Cody has a passion and love for fishing and is quickly becoming an expert in a short amount of time. Cody loves the rivers in Alaska and enjoys the abundance of wildlife in his backyard nearly everyday. Alaska is his destiny and dream come true and he loves to share his backyard with visitors and guests.



An avid fisherman and guide in Alaska on both the Kenai and Kasiloff Rivers for over 40 years, Tom projects true meaning of Alaska through his humble and friendly attitude and abundant knowledge of the area and fishing.