Important Information

What to bring and more

As a reminder your meals are your responsibility so kindly plan in advance to bring your meal items. We offer a large kitchen with most condiments, spices and basic cooking essentials such as oil to assist your cooking needs as you prepare your meals. We also provide "make your own" oatmeal, eggs or toast for your breakfast. Other preferences will be your responsibility. If you prefer BBQ, we have a large outdoor deck with a large grill for your use.   

Book only full day trips so you are sure to catch the prime fishing time. Your guide will adjust your time on the water to coincide with the biggest salmon run and the High Tide Cycle.

Half-day trips do not allow enough flexibility to catch the High Tide Cycle and the day’s prime fishing time. Enjoy the entire day of fishing so you don't need to worry about the time or heading back just when the fish are biting.

Have the proper license and stamp for your trip. All Alaska fishing is covered under a basic Sport Fishing License, AND you’ll need a KING STAMP to FISH for KING SALMON. Not having the right stamp-license will delay the start of your day. You can purchase licenses and a stamp ahead of time online. Click here for the state of Alaska Fish and Game site to purchase a license.

Check Fish Run Dates and plan your trip to correspond to the run times for the species of fish that you are targeting. For example, the Kasilof River King Salmon run is better earlier in the season May-June, than the Kenai River that comes into its own in July. 

Listen carefully to your guide’s instructions. Be assured, your guide wants you to catch fish — a lot of fish. If you need more instruction, just ask about anything you didn’t yet understand, before that fish of a lifetime strikes.

Bring a good camera. You will want to have good pictures of all that Alaska has to offer including your big fish. (Good digital cameras are reasonably priced and can be kept waterproofed with Ziploc bags.)

Dress in layers made with with moisture-wicking fabrics. The weather in Alaska can change quickly so make sure you are prepared.

Waterproof footwear that fits well is a must. Get Gore-Tex or rubber boots, as cold wet feet make for a very bad day.

Alaska Fish Catcher has a variety of sizes of waders and raincoats for guest use; however, it is always best to have your own, well fitting gear to provide the most comfort. 

Bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare on the water; sunglasses are a must for Sockeye Fishing.

Above all, enjoy yourself!  Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and the beautiful scenery. It is our goal to provide you with an amazing experience and fishing adventure to tell your friends and family for years!